Anthony Loke received good traction on Facebook despite being less active since March

Anthony Loke or Liew Siew Fook was appointed as Transport Minister on May 21, 2018 after Pakatan Harapan becomes the government.


Later in July 2018, Loke was elected as DAP’s parliamentary leader after his predecessor, Lim Kit Siang stepped down.


According to media intelligence, Loke’s Facebook page was tremendously active in January and February this year, with over 200 posts made on the page each month.


However, the page frequency in uploading posts had a drastic decline in March. Since then, it has been making less than 50 posts monthly. This means Loke’s Facebook page will make one or two post(s) a day, occasionally none.


On the other hand, the number of comments the page received had some correlation with the number of posts published. Loke’s Facebook page had a high number of comments in January due its high number of posts published. But in February, the number of comments received by the page was about half the amount it received in January.


Loke’s Facebook page made a slightly higher number of posts in May (48 posts) and July (33 posts). Normally, the page made less than 30 posts since March. Consequently, a higher number of comments on the page can be witnessed in the respective months.



While for the page fan growth, it correlates with the number of posts made by the page. It received over 5k new likes in January and February due to the high number of posts published. Additionally, the page also had higher number of new likes in May and July.



For the page posting trend since the beginning of the year, it has a higher tendency to upload post on Monday and Tuesday compared to other days. Meanwhile, the page is least likely to receive comments on Wednesday, although the number of posts made on the day were of standard amount like on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Only on Wednesday, Loke’s Facebook page received less than 1k comments.


Overall, the page may not be active in publishing posts like in January or February, but it still manages to attract a good number of feedback and new likes.