Anwar’s Facebook page sometimes uploads posts during the odd hours


For the year 2019, Anwar has a fluctuating posting trend, the highest number of posts he made was in April (138 posts), while he made the least postings in June (33 posts).


He made six Facebook posts in August, but it is still too early to use it for comparison as today is just the sixth day of the month.



Since the beginning of 2019, Anwar’s Facebook page usually uploaded contents from 9am to 9pm. Interestingly, the Facebook page sometimes made postings during odd hours. He made 17 posts between 12am and 7am.


Nevertheless, Anwar’s Facebook page still received numerous comments during this time range. According to his total hourly comment, the page received the least number of comments between 4am to 5pm with 886 comments.



Anwar’s Facebook page had the tendency to upload more posts from Wednesday to Friday. But the page rarely uploaded posts between 1pm to 2pm on Friday, which was most probably due to Friday prayers.


Whereas, for the feedback, the page usually received higher comments between 6pm to 10 pm. Disregarding the day, Anwar’s Facebook page oddly will receive a significant number of comments from midnight until 1am.