Azmin Ali’s ‘unpaid bills’ issue deteriorated his position on Facebook


Just as Azmin Ali’s sex videos scandal was fading away in the media, the Economic Affairs Minister found himself in another controversy that may jeopardize his political career.


On November 5, investigative online news portal Sarawak Report revealed that Azmin is currently in debt of more than RM300,000 in travel expenses. Moreover, those amounts were accumulated in a span of just six months.


What made it more controversial is that a huge chunk of his debt was accumulated from his private family holidays/trips as they travelled on a series of business class flights.



Moreover, one of Azmin’s six children has been notorious for sharing his lavish lifestyle on social media.


It was his eldest son, Ameer Azmin. On multiple occasions, he raved about his high life, visiting world-class holiday destinations on top of flashing pricey watches, which ultimately led to unwanted comments.


This included the controversial Morocco trip late last year in which Ameer posted a photo of the families of Datuk Seri Azmin Ali and Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein on Twitter.


In the photograph, both families were posing at a holiday resort in Marrakech with the two leaders locking grips, along with the caption “Our families reunited”.


Interestingly, Azmin’s trip to Sandakan was listed among those pricey family trips. Earlier in June, then Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Abdullah confessed that he filmed his sexual act with Azmin at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Sandakan, after the Sandakan by-election which was held on May 11.



Travel agency YHA Travel & Tours, which has been serving Azmin for years, decided to call the Economic Affair Minister out after he failedto pay his debts on multiple deadlines.


In response to the controversy, Azmin said that he was not aware of any writ of summons made towards him by YHA Travel and Tours. However, the minister said he would pay up his debt if the unpaid bills exposed by his travel agency turned out to be true.



In the meantime, the Minister of Economic Affairs’ reputation had further deteriorated on social media. The unpaid bill issue blew up on Facebook with netizens calling him out to pay his debt.