Facebook users only gave attention to Costa Coffee when there was a free giveaway

Costa Coffee was founded almost five decades ago in 1971 in London, England. However, the coffee brand set foot in Malaysia just two years ago, in 2017.


Costa Coffee partnered with Shell Malaysia by opening its outlets at numerous Shell petrol stations across Malaysia.



Subsequently, the Facebook page for Costa Coffee Malaysia was created in May 2017.


In 2019, the page generally has a low engagement rate, usually receiving less than 250 comments per month. The lowest number of comments Costa Coffee Malaysia’s Facebook page received was in July, with just about 50 comments.


But the page received an overwhelming number of response in March, over 1,000 comments were made on the Facebook page.



Upon further inspection, it is revealed that a huge part of the response was from Costa Coffee Malaysia’s ‘free coffee’ advertisement dated on the 25th March 2019. In addition, the offer was also highlighted in the clusters of ‘costa coffee’ and ‘costa coffee Malaysia’.



On March 25, Costa Coffee Malaysia advertised their free coffee promotion on Facebook which had evidently excited many people.


The announcement received a traction of 618 comments and almost 300 shares on Facebook. Over 20,000 free Costa coffees were offered at selected Shell stations across Malaysia from 10am to 4pm on the day itself.


However, the traction for Costa Coffee Malaysia went south after the surprise promotion in March.


In April, the number of responses received on the page was lesser than in February, and this trend continues in the following months.


This can be evidence that the stereotype of Malaysians liking free stuff is real.


Nevertheless, it is not a good sign for Costa Coffee as Facebook users only gave the brand their attention when it is giving out free coffee.