Galaxy Note10 will be available in Malaysia on August 23

On August 7, Samsung announced its latest flagship smartphone, Galaxy Note10 and its variant Galaxy Note10+.


The devices will be available in Malaysia on August 23, while pre-order was set from August 8 to 18.



Consequently, on August 8, Samsung Malaysia’s Facebook page made more posts than it usually does, with 16 posts.


With the higher number of postings, a sudden surge in number of comments was seen on the Facebook page.



Samsung Malaysia received about 600 comments on August 8. The percentage of postings and comments on that day was 2.59% and 97.41% respectively.



Interestingly, Samsung Malaysia’s posts on August 8 only consisted of videos and photos. Looking at the page’s posting composition within a wider time range, it enjoyed sharing links. For the past one-month period, Samsung Malaysia shared more links (23.53%) than photos (17.65%) in its postings.



Looking at the comments received by the page, most netizens were talking about the pre-order of Galaxy Note10. However, the issue of no headphone jack on the device also became a hot topic among Facebook users.