“Guess right and win RM10” contest boosted the traction of @myboostapp

In a world driven by technology, many new mobile applications were introduced to make our life easier.


Moving towards a cashless society, Boost is one of the numerous eWallets available in Malaysia.



Created in November 2016, Boost’s official Facebook page (@myboostapp) has a total of 131,289 likes as of 10 October 2019.


According to media intelligence, the Facebook page displays a regular posting trend in 2019. On average, it made 68 monthly entries from January to September.


Additionally, it is observed that @myboostapp increased its posting frequency in October, exceeding the 100 posts mark.


Despite having a consistent posting trend, the comments received by @myboostapp were fluctuating.


The Facebook page started the year with a high engagement rate before losing its grip in March.


@myboostapp’s traction started to pick up two months later, in May, before losing its momentum in August, which led to the drastic decline in September.


Nevertheless, in October, the interaction rate of Boost’s Facebook page was boosted due to the increase in number of postings.



Upon further inspection, it was revealed that a huge portion of the comments in October were derived from @myboostapp post regarding the “Guess right and win RM10” contest.


The comment section was filled with people trying to guess the three objects picked by Boost in return for cashback prizes. Many of them guessed the objects as ‘mouse, calculator and toothbrush’.


The post received over 350 comments and 50 shares, making it the most attractive post by @myboostapp in 2019 (so far).