Khat issue boosted Maszlee’s popularity on Facebook

Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik was caught in the ongoing issue of khat implementation in the Malay language syllabus across all schools in Malaysia, including vernacular schools.


The mandatory learning of khat was first announced by Deputy Minister of Education Teo Nie Ching during the end of July.


It received criticisms from certain groups for making the syllabus compulsory in vernacular schools.


Despite that, on August 2, Maszlee announced that the khat implementation will proceed as usual through a press statement. A copy of it was uploaded on his Facebook page.



It was stated that the introduction of khat writing in Year Four Bahasa Malaysia subject will be implemented in 2020.



Consequently, there was a surge in number of likes on Maszlee’s Facebook page on August 3. His Facebook page gained approximately 600 likes on that day.



Subsequently, the khat writing implementation becomes the primary issue discussed on the Education Minister’s Facebook page. On the contrary to the sudden spike on his Facebook page, the feedback he received on the khat issue were divided.