Maxis experienced a spike in comments following network disruption

In the age of technology where almost everyone is glued to or dependent on their phones, connection problems can be horrifying experience.


Recently, Maxis caused an uproar on Facebook (FB), with netizens, especially pre-paid users complaining about their fleeting 4G network connections that remained disrupted for 24 hours.



In addition, some users even experienced a complete shutdown in connection, with no access to 3G as well.


According to statistics, there is a fluctuation in the number of posts made by Maxis on its official FB page. The highest number of posts were made in April with over 1,000 postings.


Interestingly, as October moved into its second week, the number of postings had accumulated to almost the same number of postings made in April, also reaching over 1,000 posts.


Meanwhile, in terms of feedback, Maxis moves steadily as the number of comments received each month matches the frequency of postings, displaying an almost similar pattern from January to September.


But in October, the FB page of Maxis was flooded with over 8,000 comments.



Undoubtedly, the majority of the comments were negative. Netizens voiced their frustrations over the connection disruption which occurred on October 8, even though Maxis had apologised on the technical issue.



There were also several Maxis users who demanded compensation from the Internet service provider for their prolonged disruption, which caused them to lose a day’s worth of Internet data.