Netizens prefer to engage with KFC Malaysia’s Facebook on weekends than weekdays

Based on the statistics, KFC does not post regularly on their official Facebook page. Data above shows their posting activities in the past one-week period from January 4 to January 11. It can be observed that the fast-food chain did not post on Monday and Sunday. Its favourite day of posting in the last 7 days was on Tuesday with 5 posts.


Interestingly, although KFC did not post on Monday and Sunday, the page generated quite a high number of comments on both days. On Monday, the page recorded 80 comments while on Sunday, 100 comments. The irony is Tuesday’ recorded only 4 comments despite it being the day with the highest number of posts.


In addition, it is observed that people are interested to interact with KFC’s official Facebook page on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday rather than on working days despite the low number of posts on weekends.



Besides KFC’s total daily exposure, this article will also look at the page’s hourly exposure in terms of posting and comments.


In the last 7 days, KFC Facebook page’s favourite time to post is at 2 pm. As we can see in the statistics, the page made its first post at 10 in the morning. Having said that, KFC received comments throughout the day with high numbers recorded especially after 4 pm.



In terms of KFC Malaysia Facebook’s posting behaviour, the page banks on visual format posts rather than texts. Data shows that in the last 30 days, KFC Malaysia’s FB page used photos as their main tool to attract the audiences, making up almost half of the overall composition. Besides photos, they also incorporated a lot of videos on their page. It is believed that visuals are more powerful than text-based formats as they are more memorable.