Rotikaya’s FB page lost more than 1,000 fans in the first two weeks of November

In Malaysia, a large variety of entertainment portals are available to fix the public cravings for celebrity gossips, as well as keeping themselves updated on the local entertainment scene.


One of the popular entertainment sites is Rotikaya. Its Facebook page, @rotikaya has over 4.6 million followers.



According to media intelligence, Rotikaya’s official Facebook page has an active presence in the beginning of the year, with almost 500 posts made in January alone.


Its number of postings started to decline in February which led a lower number of postings in the subsequent months.


From March to June, less than 250 posts were made monthly. On average, @rotikaya uploaded eight posts daily, which is not a bad number.


Nevertheless, the Facebook page started to pick up again during the second half of 2019, its average number of monthly postings went over the 250-post mark.


However, the number of comments the page received does not mirror its posting trend. @rotikaya made the most post in January, but it had its highest traction in October. It received almost 300k comments in October, while less than 200k comments were received on the page in January.


Additionally, the number of comments on the page surpassed the 200k-comment mark in April and May, which were the months when @rotikaya was less active.


Despite the fluctuating posting and comment trend, Rotikaya’s Facebook page still received hundreds of thousands of comments each month. Over 100k comments were made on the page during Its least performing month (August).



On the other hand, data reveals that @rotikaya had over 10k new followers each month during the first half of 2019, except for March.


Unfortunately, its momentum came to a halt during the second half of the year. The fan growth of @rotikaya has been gradually declining since July. Subsequently, a negative number of fan growth was witnessed in November.



It was the first time in 2019 for @rotikaya to lose its followers. As of November 15, over 1k accounts have unfollowed the page.


This unusual sight for @rotikaya could potentially jeopardize its standing on social media. The negative fan growth indicates that netizens are losing interest in the page. What could be the reason behind this decline?