The ups and downs of Khairy’s media presence


Former Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin used to be one of the most popular politicians in Malaysia. After Barisan Nasional’s defeat in GE-14, Khairy decided to run for UMNO presidency during its party leadership election last year.


However, he was defeated by Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in the party election which was held on 30 June 2018. Since then, the former UMNO Youth chief has been making lesser media appearances.


Nevertheless, he remained active on social media until he suddenly became quiet in May 2019.



Khairy stopped tweeting on May 9. His latest Twitter activity was a retweet and it was about UMNO Youth vice-chief Shahril Hamdan’s appearance at BFM’s podcast.



On his Facebook page, Khairy still uploads posts on that social media platform after May 9.



But it is noticeable that he has become less active since May. Ironically, his inactive Twitter account still receives new followers after May 9, while he lost hundreds of likes on his Facebook page.



It is an odd move by Khairy to disappear from Twitter as it is well-known for being a politically active social media. Reducing his activity on Facebook will not help either.



Nonetheless, his presence in the mainstream media started to pick up again in July when he questioned the sudden return of Zahid Hamidi as UMNO president, defending Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for making a questionable statement by asking members from Malay parties to join his PPBM, but later declining the invitation himself.


But why does he not use his social media to echo his statements, which will boost the reach of his messages?