Tourism Malaysia’s Facebook page received over 1.5K comments in July

Tourism Malaysia’s Facebook page has been active in making posts to promote tourism in the country.



Its most active month was January with almost 100 postings. Whereas, its least active month was April with less than 50 posts uploaded.


However, the page received the highest number of comments in July, with over 1.5K comments. Usually, Tourism Malaysia’s Facebook page barely reach 1,000 comments within a month.



In the past one-month period (15 July to 15 August 2019), the page normally posts between 12pm to 1pm. Its second most active period was between 5pm to 6pm.


On the other hand, the best traction period for Tourism Malaysia’s Facebook page to receive comments was between 5pm to 7pm. Nevertheless, the page still received a high number of comments between 7pm to 10pm compared to other times of the day.



Besides that, the page’s most active days to make posting were from Monday to Thursday and on Sunday. Meanwhile, the page received the most comments on Monday to Wednesday, and Friday.