Why use Doraemon when we have Upin & Ipin?

Les’ Copaque Productions, the mind behind the popular Malaysian animation series Upin & Ipin ridiculed the suggestion made by National Art Gallery Chairman Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah to use Doraemon as an attraction for Visit Malaysia 2020.


In a Facebook post, the company shared the news reported by Berita Harian with a caption “Benda boleh pakai animation luar untuk promote Malaysia, buat apa pakai animation Malaysia sendiri?” (when you can use foreign animation to promote Malaysia, why bother using Malaysia’s own animation?).


Meanwhile, the fan page of Malaysian cartoonist Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid or Lat – creator of Kampung Boy – also shared his disappointment on the decision to pick foreign animations over the local’s.


Responding to the issue, Tourism, Arts, and Culture Minister Datuk Mohamaddin Ketapi denied the allegation that using Doraemon is the government’s decision, but instead it was Rashidi’s personal view.


“Even if that suggestion was brought to me, I would not have approved it,” he was quoted in TheStar.


He has also ensured that Malaysian animation would have been his first pick to promote Malaysia to the eyes of the world.


Other than Upin & Ipin, what other local animations can be used to promote Malaysia?


Twitter user @chaeyeonxsakura has the answers:


Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, Doraemon, Upin & Ipin, tourism


Cinema.com has also listed down Malaysian animations that have successfully made their own names, such as Ejen Ali and Boboyboi.


Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, Doraemon, Upin & Ipin, tourism


Quoting a tweet by @TheFunSizeGuy: “Man i love Doraemon but for a special year to promote and visit Malaysia. Why aren’t they promoting local cartoons and local artists instead?”