Najib’s lawyer under fire for delaying appeal

A court appeal for Najib Razak’s hearing scheduled for yesterday (Tuesday), was postponed because his lead defence counsel, Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, was injured by his dog.
“My pet dog jumped on me. I am now in pain and I need to seek immediate medical attention later through an X-ray scan,” – Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah
The lawyer’s initial comments about the situation spread across the country as the internet exploded with hilarity and sarcasm on both Facebook and Twitter.
Majority of internet users made comments about how ridiculous the excuse it, most relating it to the “dog ate my homework” excuse during school days.
Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, Najib Razak, Shafee, Tommy Thomas, 1MDB
Other than the insults thrown at the excuse, and some people’s questionable concerns about the dog, a lot of netizens were curious about Islamic rules of having a dog as a pet.
Malaysia, Malaysia Indicator, Najib Razak, Shafee, Tommy Thomas, 1MDB
It’s later announced that the dog did not directly cause injury to the lawyer, but that Shafee himself fell while playing with the dog, which severely injured his blood capillaries and soft tissue. The lawyer cites the dog’s young playful age and his own clumsiness for his injury.
Also, this wasn’t the only dog the lawyer has. He claims he has another 2 older Belgian Malinois guarding his home and office compound.
Furthermore, Shafee says that he did not request for the appeal to be postponed, and that was the court’s decision to do so. Attorney-General, Tommy Thomas, was the one who moved the case to Friday because he was occupied till then.
He claims that there is a global pressure to start the trial as soon as possible. The trial was supposed to run from till 29th March but was delayed after multiple appeals by the prosecution.
Najib Razak has seven charges over the funds regarding SRC International SDN BHD, a subsidiary of 1MDB. There are currently four appeals for the charges.