#FacebookDown: Instagram and WhatsApp included

Prominent social apps, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were down for more than two hours last night (local time), triggering worldwide responses ranging from shared frustrations to funny memes on Twitter.


According to downdetecter.com, users across the world experienced issues such as the inability to load fresh content, check new statuses, and send messages.


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Source: Downdetector


This was the second outage experienced by Facebook after the first case last month when Facebook blamed a server configuration change for the massive outage.


Based on the data of social networking and communication apps account ownership by Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), 97.3% of 24.6 million social media users are on Facebook and 57.0% are on Instagram.


Besides, out of the 27.8 million Internet users, 98.1% use WhatsApp to communicate with others.


At least half of these users were denied access to their Facebook and Instagram accounts and were unable to send messages via WhatsApp last night.


Source: MCMC


These 23.8% users on Twitter were happily “celebrating” the Facebook outage. Quoting a tweet by @Zaidhakimi: “Well everything else is down. Glad I’m on twitter. Lmao #facebookdown”.