China is the biggest investor in Malaysia’s manufacturing sector since 2016

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According to data from Department of Statistic Malaysia (DOSM), China is the biggest foreign investor in Malaysia’s manufacturing sector since 2016. Previously, in 2015, China was in the fourth position behind United States, Japan and Hong Kong.


China managed to jump into the first position by increasing its investments from approximately RM2 billion in 2015 to almost RM5 billion in 2016. Whereas, the amount of investments made by the United States, Japan and Hong Kong drastically reduced in the same time period.


In 2017, China had a slight decrease for its investment in Malaysia but remains at the top with RM3.85 billion invested.


On the other hand, two countries that consistently increase their investments in Malaysia’s manufacturing sector are Switzerland and Singapore. With the constant increment, Switzerland reached the second spot in 2017, with RM2.44 billion invested. Meanwhile, Singapore is not far behind with the amount invested at approximately RM2.31 billion.