Most netizens want Tok Mat to stay

UMNO was put into the media limelight after the sudden comeback of Zahid Hamidi as party president on June 30.


This was contrary to a statement made about a month ago by a source close to the Bagan Datuk MP that the latter will only resume his role as UMNO president if Mohamad Hasan (Tok Mat) returns the position to him.


Then, Tok Mat commented that it is better for him to continue his presidential work while Zahid continues with his garden.


The sudden announcement by Zahid somewhat gives an idea that UMNO is not on the same page.


On social media Facebook, netizens were vocal after the announcement was made, suggesting a mixed reaction.



However, the majority of them opined that Tok Mat should continue leading the party, and suggested that Zahid should stay away and focus instead on his court case. Additionally, they said that Tok Mat has done a good job as acting UMNO president for the past 6 months, leading the party towards the right direction with the collaboration with PAS.