Youth unemployment: Is that the fault of the government, employers or themselves?

A recent open letter sent to and published by MalaysiaKini gained a lot of attention from netizens on Facebook. The letter was written by a fresh grad to the general employers in Malaysia, expressing her struggles to find a job.


To elaborate, she claims although with her Bachelor’s degree in Communication, she sees absolutely no chance of being offered a full-time, job due to her lack of experience. She admits she’s picky but rejects accepting ‘slaving’ and low-income jobs.


On top of that, she went on about how ‘Baby Boomer’ employers do not believe in modern technology and won’t hire inexperienced ‘Millennials’, causing a rise in the unemployment rate and graduates sacrificing their certificates for jobs unrelated to their studies.


Naturally, netizens on Facebook commented their thoughts on the matter. Most disagree with the contents of the letter, saying the employer is not to be blamed and it is the current generation’s unreasonable demand for high salary.


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According to the open data published by JobsMalaysia, a majority of unemployed youth have a tertiary degree. As at July 2018, there were 74,000 university graduates looking for work.



Also, according to JobsMalaysia data, the majority of jobseekers were in the ‘no-experience’ category.



Seems like the author of the open letter was not alone. While netizens have been pointing their fingers at the ‘millennials’, perhaps we have produced too many tertiary-educated talents that the market does not have not enough capacity to absorb.