Prasarana Fiasco

The accident involving two Light Rail Transit (LRT) train has caused Prasarana to be within the eyes of media briefly.


The media attention, however, is not great as most of the news title sentiment presented by the media are negative even after the accident have died down.


With it being news about the accident most news media will use negative words for their new title but even after the news about the accident the sentiment is still negative.


The news would later resurface early June, after the crash victims’ family sue Prasarana demanding RM1.8 million because of heavy injuries.



The Prasarana accident has also put former Prasarana Chairman, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman under the spotlight as well.


With the media focus on his Press Conference the day after the accident not following the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and during the sacking of his position as the chairman of Prasarana.



Tajuddin also held the narration during 23-27 May, as at the time he held a press conference as the chairman of Prasarana.


After he was sacked, he made less statement regarding Prasarana and the minister of transportation, Wee Ka Siong, and Norlia Noah, the CEO of Prasarana would later take over the narration.