Annuar Musa Controlling UMNO’s Narration

UMNO’s narration is mainly controlled by their former secretary-general Annuar Musa for four consecutive weeks, beating UMNO’s president, Zahid Hamidi and their newly minted secretary-general, Ahmad Maslan.



The narration was controlled by him before he was sacked as the sec-gen, with him voicing his opinions on the alliance with DAP and preserving the PN union.


During the week when he was sacked, he became the center of attention when he revealed a letter that confirmed the rumors of UMNO supporting the opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim.


Annuar has been cynical towards UMNO members such as Ahmad Maslan who made the ‘PhD remark’ and pushed for a snap general election despite the pandemic.


In the recent week, he continued to ridicule the secretary-general and UMNO for the petition letter to reconvene the Parliament during the state of emergency.



Even the media have been focusing on Annuar Musa and his statements with three of the top issues highlighted were related on him.



His fellow UMNO comrades, particularly Puad Zarkashi, called him out for being too rebellious and acting as PPBM’s dagger for using the letter to further divide UMNO.



However, Annuar Musa said that the newly appointed sec-gen is disobeying the King and their decision to petition to the King can be interpreted as an attempt of treason.


He later added that the action conspired with Anwar Ibrahim and DAP who also approved the call for a special Parliament during the emergency.