Are you aware of the policy change on affordable homes for civil servants?

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin announced that the government will no longer set aside special allocation of affordable homes for civil servants; the decision was made to encourage ‘social interaction’ between the public and civil servants.


Malaysia, public servant, affordable homes, housing, Zuraida Kamaruddin


According to the minister, the new policy is also an initiative by the government to encourage the B40 income group to purchase affordable homes.


However, the news caused a stir at The Congress of Union of Employees in the Public and Civil Services Malaysia (CUEPACS). The congress is seeking a meeting with the Ministry of Housing and Local Government to maintain the existing policy of affordable housing for civil servants.


CUEPACS president Datuk Azih Muda said that the decision made under the National Affordable Housing Policy (DPMM) should guarantee housing ownership for government officials, however the new policy will instead cause many to retire without having a home.


Malaysia, public servant, affordable homes, housing, Zuraida Kamaruddin


Nevertheless, Zuraida’s announcement on the new policy was not highlighted by the media. Based on the media share, each news portal had a maximum of two news articles tackling on the issue, from the day of the announcement until today.


The new policy is to take effect immediately on the day Zuraida made the announcement (May 11). But with the lack of media exposure, public servants might not be aware of the policy change.