Dagang NeXchange Surge in Trade Volume following Rising Crude Oil Prices.

The session in March 10 ended with Dagang NeXchange Bhd having the most stock exchange with an estimated of 1.2 billion stocks traded following the continuous rise in crude oil price.



The most active counters during the session alongside Dagang NeXchange Berhad are Saudee Group Bhd and Puncak Niaga Holding Bhd


Saudee Group Bhd surged to the second spot on the most active list because the company has inked a deal with a Hong Kong-listed company to supplzy frozen meat and supply products to China.


Among them is also MSM Malaysia Holdings where their share price has been increasing since their positive result during FY20.


Kanger International Bhd, Saudee Group Bhd and Managepay Systems are the only companies that are not associated with the other companies within the most active trade, while the rest have similar shareholders.



The profit shareholder network shows that the companies that have made losses in the past 5 years are Puncak Niaga Holdings Bhd, Managepay Systems Bhd and KTG Berhad


MSM Malaysia Holdings and Saudee Group Bhd have recorded a year of profit, while Widad group have recorded a few years of profit.


Datasonic Group Bhd, Dagang Nexchange Bhd, Kanger Internation Bhd and GFM Services Bhd are companies within the most active trade that have recorded 5 years of profit.