Did Sabah and Sarawak received higher amount of budget for rural development?

Besides the “Malay tsunami”, voters in East Malaysia can also be one of the kingmakers in the upcoming PRU-14. Today, there is a new opposing force in Sabah known as Warisan, which is under the leadership of ex-UMNO Shafie Apdal.


In Barisan Nasional defence, Rural and Regional Development Minister Ismail Sabri Yakoob said that the government gave the biggest allocation to Sabah and Sarawak in terms of rural development. Will the Sabahans and Sarawakians vote for Barisan Nasional? Only time will tell.


In the meantime, we provide the breakdown on how much budget exactly did the government allocated for rural development in each state of Malaysia. Did Sabah and Sarawak receive significantly higher budget allocation? Or is it just marginal difference?