Dong Jiao Zong insisted for Khat-free syllabus in vernacular school

Chinese educationist group Dong Jiao Zong will be organising the Chinese Organisations Congress (COC) on December 28.


According to the organiser, the objective of the congress is to protest the Jawi syllabus, which was introduced in all primary schools, including vernacular schools.


The Federation of Chinese Associations (Hua Zong) backs COC because it believes that the Chinese education syllabus needs to be consistent.


However, the congress is perceived as another non-inclusive gathering like the Malay Dignity Congress, which was held back in October.


On the other hand, the Ministry of Education had unveiled the three-page Jawi syllabus that will be included in the Year Four Bahasa Malaysia textbook next year.


Yet, the three-page Jawi syllabus is not as heavy as it sounds. Since it is a textbook for year four pupils, the illustrations were large.


On the first page, it explained the Jawi calligraphy that was written in the coat of arms of Malaysia. Indisputably, it is crucial for Malaysians to learn their country’s coat of arms.



The following page explain the Jawi writings that are on the Malaysian Ringgit banknotes. It will be a shame for Malaysians to not understand what was written on the everyday item, especially when asked by foreigners.



While on the last page of the Jawi syllabus, it showcased that Jawi writing can also be found elsewhere, a postage stamp was used as an example in the textbook.



The Jawi syllabus was a hot issue in August for the same reason, which was its implemention across all schools in Malaysia.



Due to public outcry, particularly from Dong Jiao Zong, the ministry made the syllabus optional instead, and won’t be tested in examination.


Regardless, the educationist group is still unhappy with the three-page Jawi syllabus that will be included in the Bahasa Malaysia textbook.


Leaders such as Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Port Dickson MP Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim have come forth and urged Dong Jiao Zong to cancel the Chinese gathering on December 28.


Already perceived as an anti-Jawi gathering, both leaders warned that COC would anger the Malay community, which would lead to racial disharmony.


Meanwhile, Gabungan Seni Khat Action Team (Sekat) will be organizing another congress to oppose the Jawi syllabus on December 29, the day after COC.


Unlike COC, Sekat’s congress will be a multi-ethnic event with speakers of various races and ethnicities in Malaysia.


The objective of this congress is to urge the Education Ministry to review the necessity of introducing Khat syllabus in a compulsory subject.