Dong Zong’s popularity boosted after Tun M labelled the organisation as “racist”

Lately, there have been a surge of racial issues in Malaysia. Notably, Zakir Naik staying in Malaysia and his controversial remarks on the Hindus and the Chinese, the debate over the implementation of Khat writing in Bahasa Melayu subject, and the protest made by Chinese education group Dong Zong on the Khat syllabus.



The Khat issue had a high media presence in the first two weeks of August. Meanwhile, topics of ‘Zakir Naik’ and ‘Dong Zong’ have lower media exposure within the same period. Yet, both topics had consistent media exposure.


All three issues (Zakir Naik, Khat and Dong Zong) witnessed a sudden increase on August 12.



Then, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad labelled Dong Zong as “racist” for instigating racial tension. Previously, the educationist group said that the implementation of Khat syllabus is a form of Arabization in the country.


Additionally, the Prime Minister also brought up an old issue where Dong Zong protested the idea of Sekolah Wawasan, a concept school that will integrate both national schools and vernacular schools into one.



Due to Mahathir’s remarks on Dong Zong, the popularity of the educationist group in the media was boosted.


Subsequently, various online petitions calling for Dong Zong to be banned were launched by organisations such as Gerakan Pengundi Sedar and Bersatu Youth wing made online petitions to ban Dong Zong


In the latest development of the issue, the Royal Malaysia Police launched an investigation on Dong Zong.