Drama or Truth?

Following Musa Aman’s claim to have majority in Sabah, PKR President Anwar Ibrahim recently made a similar move claiming to have majority, at once shaking the political ground in the Peninsular Malaysia.



After much silence, Anwar experienced a sudden surge in the number of news on the mainstream media following his claim of having support to form the next government, describing it as a “strong, formidable majority”.


This is not an unusual sight of Anwar to claim that he has the support.


In July 2018, Anwar said he has the support of PKR MP’s, Pakatan Harapan and the then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed to become the next Prime Minister.



Even after the collapse of the PH government, the PKR President remains confident that Pakatan has enough support from MPs, including the MPs from the other side who are “unhappy”.


Anwar’s claim, this time around, was more outwardly; boldly reiterating of having enough support via a sudden press conference.


Meanwhile, Muhyiddin Yassin remains firm on his conviction that the majority is still with him.


While the Prime Minister claims to hold majority, Zahid Hamidi appears to subtly imply that some UMNO MPs may be on the side of Anwar. According to the UMNO’s president, he will respect Barisan & UMNO’s MPs decision to support Anwar Ibrahim despite none has been visible in making public announcement.


On the other hand, Mahathir Mohamad only issued a statement to wait and see what materializes from Anwar’s claim, suggesting that he had a hard time believing it.


Lim Guan Eng, representing DAP has voiced the support from the 42 MPs from DAP if Anwar has the numbers to form government.


Anwar Ibrahim’s claim has cast a doubt on Muhyiddin Yassin’s government who came into existence following the 2020 political crisis.


Is there truth in the PKR President’s claim or was it just a mere distraction?