Ebit Lew denied entry

Famous preacher, Ebit Lew has become the center of the media within the news in Sabah after he was denied access for his humanitarian mission.



Ebit Lew became the top issue for the Sabah Covid topic after Ebit Lew claimed on his social media that he was denied access to distribute his aid in Semporna islands.


He was also warned if he continued his charity work, he will be fined RM100,000 or serve three years in jail.


However, Sabah Parks director Maklarin Lakim stated that it was a miscommunication as Ebit Lew’s team did not obtain permission to enter Sabah Parks and they have been letting NGOs in and out to help the people there without authorization.


He also added that Ebit Lew’s team have broken the law by erecting structures to build a school which is against the Park’s enactment and can be fined RM500,000 and five years in jail.



Ebit Lew’s social media post has caused a confusion and miscommunication with Sabah Covid-19 spokesperson, Datuk Masidi Manjun and Sabah police commissioner, Datuk Hazani Ghazali who both denied giving directives towards Ebit Lew to abandon his humanitarian mission.



Following the news reports on this controversy, Ebit Lew appeared on 28th January to 3rd February 2021 influencers list after Hazani Ghazali.


However, Masidi Manjun led the influencers list, proving that he is controlling the narration on the Ebit Lew issue.