Former Defence Minister will bring Jho Low to justice?


While Najib and Rosmah are facing the courts, another key player in the notorious equation of 1MDB scandal is yet to be found. Where is Jho Low?


This should be a concern of the Pakatan Harapan government, but interestingly an unfamiliar face appeared, which made some to wonder the person’s real motives. Former Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein offered himself to bring back Jho Low from China. Plus, his blood relation with Najib Razak made his offer more dubious.


For the past one-week period, Hishammudin became the top influencer in “Jho Low” topic, dominating the rest with 203 statements. Looking into his statements trend on Jho Low in 2018, Hishammuddin rarely mentioned the word “Jho Low”.



What does he have up on his sleeve? Is this an early step for the former Defence Minister to clean his image, then leave UMNO and join PPBM?