GDP per capita of Southeast Asian countries


In terms of GDP per capita, Malaysia has been ranked at the third position among the Southeast Asian countries for the past five decades. Throughout history, the nation had its highest GDP per capita in 2014, with USD11,184.


Nevertheless, Singapore has always been ahead of Malaysia in terms of GDP per capita since 1961. In 2017, Singapore’s GDP per capita was at USD57,714, which was almost six times more than Malaysia’s (USD9,952).


The primary reason behind the huge difference is the population. Malaysia’s population was recorded at 31.62 million in 2017. Whereas, Singapore only had 5.61 million population in the same year.


For that year, Malaysia’s GDP was valued at USD314.5 billion, while the GDP of Singapore was worth USD323.9 billion.


Singapore overtook Brunei in terms of GDP per capita since 1991. Then, the GDP per capita of Singapore was at USD14,505, while it was USD13,902 for Brunei.


However, the gap between both nations has drastically widened since then. In 2017, the GDP per capita of Brunei was at USD28,291, behind Singapore’s USD29,423.