Haziq expelled from PKR after the third batch of his scandal videos was leaked

Malaysia, sex scandal, CCTV, footage, Azmin Ali, Haziq Abdullah, Hilman Idham


Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz, the man who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali, was sacked from his party yesterday (July 3).  He was Santubong PKR’s Youth chief.


On the same day, a CCTV footage from Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Sandakan was leaked online. The time stamp on the footage was dated on 11 May 2019. The time and location were the same as what Haziq said in his confession video.


In the clip, Haziq was seen walking around the hallway. At the same floor, another individual believed to be Azmin’s political secretary Hilman Idham was seen walking back and forth in the same hallway.


Both Haziq and Hilman did not cross paths. But both stared at the same room when they walked by the hallway. It is believed that the room was occupied by Azmin. Nevertheless, Azmin was not spotted in the CCTV recording.


Malaysia, sex scandal, CCTV, footage, Azmin Ali, Haziq Abdullah, Hilman Idham


When it comes to the media share, Malaysia Gazette and Utusan were the most active media to report on Haziq. Both produced 92 articles each, mentioning Haziq in the past one month.


Furthermore, there was a gap between second and third position. The Malay Mail, which came in third, published 81 news articles within the same time frame. This indicates that both Malaysia Gazette and Utusan have higher interest on Haziq compared to other media.


On Azmin’s side, he has yet to take legal action on Haziq for his allegations towards him.