How PH defeated the long-standing ruler?

People wanted change. People are tired so they seek reformation. Pakatan Harapan seems to fit the bill. With much controversial surrounding BN and UMNO, PH saw this an opportunity to rise as a saviour to defeat the long-standing regime under the leadership of the very man that had built UMNO – Tun Mahathir.


Tun M is driving the narrative of PH and 1MDB is the weapon Tun M use to kill Najib. He assailed Najib as a “thief” and “traitor” for his involvement in the 1MDB scandal. Whenever he’s on stage during ceramahs for both Bersatu and PH, Tun M will accuse Najib of thievery. He kept repeating those words with no fear like they were truths, which was shoved under the rug by Najib.


“Kapal layar Equanimity dirampas oleh polis Indonesia bersama FBI – Biro Penyiasatan Persekutuan Amerika Syarikat. TV dan majalah Indonesia melapor kapal ini dibeli dengan duit yang dicuri dari 1MDB oleh Jho Low, sahabat karib Najib. Seluruh Indonesia dan kepimpinannya sekarang tahu Najib terlibat dengan mencuri duit 1MDB, Najib sedikit pun tak berasa malu.”


PH also leverage on voters’ emotions and sentiments so that potential voters will sway into hating the government. Through war of perception, emotions and sentiments bullets are being utilized to the fullest. To exhibit, Tun M uses war of perception on the country’s debt before the election. He argued that the national debts had reached RM1 trillion as of February, 3 months before he became Prime Minister, stating Malaysia will become a bankrupt nation.



However, the figures are inaccurate as the national debt is currently at 705 billion, i.e. around 50% of the national GDP. It’s country’s liability that amounting RM1 trillion, not national debt. Economically, the national debt should be measured using ratio of GDP rather than absolute figure like what have been done by Tun M. The usage of absolute figure also has been spreading over twitter starting 1 April 2018, enables PH to overthrow BN in GE14.


Generally, avoiding pain motivates people more than seeking pleasure. Most voters find it intensely painful to imagine their least favorite candidate winning the election. They could experience disappointment, worry, fear, sadness, anger or any combination of these if the candidate they don’t want in the Parliament wins the election.



There are more reasons for voters to be angry with the government. GST, higher prices, integrity issues, China investments, unfulfilled GE13 promises plus the sacking of Muhyiddin Yassin and Mukhriz Mahathir are some of the additional reasons that have angered voters this time.


PH drives on issue-centric agenda. They tailored their messages into highlighting issues that are close to the rakyat’s heart – high cost of living, unemployment, education opportunities, affordable houses. And this strategy resonated with the people. In their speeches, they only speak 10-20% about problems and corruptions, and the rest are focused on how and what they can offer to the people.


This is one of the key things that Barisan fails to realize. This is believed to be due to them being so caught up in their echo chamber that they had not realize the potential there is.