Issues surrounding EPF for the past month

The media exposure of ‘EPF’ has been fluctuating in March 2020. The latest issue involves the lowering of employee’s contribution.


Additionally, EPF also had high exposure during the beginning of the month because of the low EPF dividend, which was announced at the end of February.




The lowering of staff contribution has been one of the biggest issues of EPF for the first two weeks of March.


It is a part of the economic stimulus package introduced by the then PH government to cushion the Covid-19 outbreak.


Apart from that, the EPF office at Jalan Raja Laut was closed down for disinfection amidst the pandemic.


The CEO of EPF, Alizakri Alias was active in addressing the big issues surrounding EPF.


He urged the public to not compare the latest dividend with the one announced a decade ago.



Alizakari also addressed the Covid-19 outbreak which would deeply affect the world’s economy, hinting a low EPF dividend for 2020.


Additionally, Alizakri announced that overseas investments is one of the main drivers for EPF income.


Covid-19 is a global outbreak affecting economic powerhouse countries like China and the United States. A high number of cases was also recorded in Europe.


Hence, EPF dividend for 2020 is expected to be low primarily because of the pandemic. Unfortunately, it might be even lower than the one announced for 2019.