@KEADILAN continues to drive engagement despite being inactive since April 2019


The media intelligence showcases the tweeting trend of Malaysian political parties’ Twitter accounts; MCA (@MCAHQ), UMNO (@umnoonline), DAP (@dapmalaysia) and PKR (@KEADILAN).


Amongst the 4 political parties, @umnoonline was the most active in the social media platform. Nevertheless, the tweeting trend of the account witnessed a slight decrease after the first quarter of the year.


The least number of tweets made by @umnoonline was in June, with about 600 tweets. Yet, it is still higher compared to the number of tweets made by other political parties.


The second most active account was @MCAHQ. But the difference in the number of tweets was huge when compared to @umnoonline. From January to September, the average number of tweets made by @MCAHQ was less than 200 tweets.


It is also observed that @MCAHQ has been less active in tweeting since April. Plus, a lower activity rate can be seen in the account during the third quarter of 2019.


Meanwhile, @dapmalaysia and @KEADILAN which are part of the ruling Pakatan Harapan government have little to no Twitter presence in 2019.


Upon further inspection, it was revealed that PKR stopped tweeting on their official page of more than 100,000 followers from April.



Interestingly, @KEADILAN still drives engagement and interaction throughout the year despite being inactive in tweeting.


On the other hand, @MCAHQ received the least number of feedbacks despite being more active than @dapmalaysia and @KEADILAN in tweeting.


Overall, @dapmalaysia has the highest number of followers among the four, with 147,000 followers. But the traction of the account lost to @umnoonline by a huge margin. @umnoonline has 111,000 followers at the time of this writing.