Kuala Lumpur’s Town Planning for Urban Poor


Town planning for Kuala Lumpur is a continuous problem, especially for its areas with high urban poor density.



Lembah Pantai and Batu are found to have the highest density of urban poor, reflected by its concentration of public housing (PPR), which also face low public transportation availability.





Both districts’ residential property distribution show similar prominence of high-rise buildings such as condominiums and serviced residences.





The proximity of the two districts’ private accommodations with public transportation are largely at least 400m away, with the situation being slightly better in Lembah Pantai.





A substantial number of the districts’ residential properties are located within flood-prone areas, where issues are again noticeably better with Lembah Pantai compared to Batu.






As such, this highlights the issues faced by town planning for the urban poor in Kuala Lumpur, in particular those living in Batu and Lambah Pantai.