“Let me lead UMNO and Zahid continue his leave” – Tok Mat

It was reported that UMNO president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has no plans of returning from his garden leave after handing over his duty to Mohamad Hasan in December last year.


A source close to the Bagan Datuk MP said Zahid will only resume his role if Hasan returns the position to him, believing the latter has done a good job for the past six months, leading the party towards the right direction.


It was also revealed that there are supporters trying to bring back the UMNO president.



However, not everyone shares the same opinion on the idea of Zahid’s return. On May 20, Tebrau UMNO division chief Maulizan Bujang took a shot at Zahid’s supporters; telling them to quit teasing his return, believing that he is not the right person to lead UMNO at the moment.


Malaysia, UMNO, president, Mohamad Hasan, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi


With regards to Maulizan’s statement, UMNO’s acting president Mohamad Hassan urged party members to not stir up unnecessary controversy as UMNO is currently on the right path.


Malaysia, UMNO, president, Mohamad Hasan, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi


He added that the party should follow the initial agreement of him carrying out the presidential work, while Zahid takes his leave.


Regardless, Hasan’s influence in UMNO is expanding with three by-elections’ victories under his belt. With ongoing charges, Zahid will be a liability to the party with his negative reputation. Will Hasan eventually take over the title from Zahid? If so, how soon will it happen?