MCA will be out of the radar after GE-14?

GE12 saw MCA suffered a big loss, winning only 15 parliamentary seats and 32 state seats, less than half the number of seats in 2004. Then, in the 13th GE, the party recorded their worst defeat, winning merely 7 out of 37 parliamentary seats and 11 out of the 90 state seats it contested.



Barisan’s lost on the parliamentary seats during the 13th GE could be attributed to the ‘Chinese Tsunami’ that happened in 2008. This was the time when the Chinese community had stopped their support for the incumbent government; and were taunting for a new government.


BN’s loss to urban Chinese voters had massively contributed to Pakatan’s popularity. The 2013 GE boosted DAP’s popularity; winning 38 seats for PR which is 10 more seats than the previous elections.


Comparing the previous elections results i.e. GE12 and GE13, the opposition is slowly ‘rocketing’ nationally. Following the 13th GE, DAP rose as the second largest political party behind United Malays National Organization (UMNO).



And, although it is believed that BN will retain its win in the upcoming GE, the influence of the opposition is not to be dismissed. The opposition is strategically building their momentum in taking over the country; and if not now, they have a high chance in toppling down BN in the next election.


Looking into 2013 elections, DAP is evidently more popular than MCA. states that a total of 404,000 potential voters like DAP compared to only 27,000 who like MCA.



Looking into the political ecosystem of Malaysia today, it is of the opinion that this number will continue to rise, and perhaps BN MCA might just disappear off the radar, sharing its fate with almost non-visible, MIC.


This is mostly due to the fact that the perception of MCA is still in a negative state within the Chinese community. MCA is still seen as a party under UMNO of BN who have become muted by UMNO’s leadership as how PAN is to DAP.


So, will the upcoming GE see MCA turning their fate and will they just continue to drown in their defeat? Only time will tell.