Media exposure on 1MDB key people


Based on the topic of “1MDB” and “1MDB-Najib Razak”, both media exposure trends are on the declining state since May 2018, the month when Pakatan Harapan won GE-14 and re-open the investigation on 1MDB.



Nevertheless, the amount of news covered on Najib Razak when he was recently slapped with 21 charges on September 20 is two times more than the amount of news when he received his four initial charges on August 8.


However, the amount of news linking Jho Low and Rosmah Mansor with 1MDB-Najib Razak did not increase significantly. On August 8, Low and Rosmah appeared on 16 news and 10 news respectively. The slight increase on September 20 raised the amount of news on Low and Rosmah to 17 news and 12 news accordingly. Interestingly, Lim Guan Eng have disappeared on the top persons chart on September 20.