Netizens confused with ‘Visit Truly Asia Malaysia’ logo

On July 22, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad unveiled the new Visit Malaysia 2020 logo replacing the 2018’s version, which was infamous for its “bad” design.



Sharing the stage with Tun Mahathir was the Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Mohammadin Ketapi who promised to redesign the tourism campaign logo after he was given the portfolio last year.


However, the new logo also received its fair share of public backlash, particularly for its tagline ‘Visit Truly Asia Malaysia’ for being grammatically incorrect.



On Twitter, the green cluster consists of influencers who spread the news on the launch of the new logo. There were Mohammadin Ketapi (@MKetapi), Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry (@MyMOTAC), news account (@501Awani) and Malaysia Airlines (@MAS), which displayed the tourism logo on their planes.


Meanwhile, the indigo cluster consist of influencers who criticized the tagline like @mokciknab and @briang0mez. Besides the awkward tagline, netizens also pointed out that ‘Visit Malaysia 2020’ is the name of the campaign, while ‘Malaysia, Truly Asia’ is the tagline. Thus, the mash-up ‘Visit Truly Asia Malaysia’ had ruined the logo.



Additionally, @briang0mez also satirized the logo with Yoda, a popular character from Star Wars who spoke backwards.



On the other hand, the pink cluster with @AchuNadia as its main influencer also detested the tagline for being confusing.



Regardless, despite the criticisms on July 23, Mohammadin Ketapi announced that the new logo will not be changed.