Syed Saddiq as Youth Chief vs Syed Saddiq as Youth Prominent

While the 93-year-old Tun M once again drawing smiles through multiple appearances on TV as the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia, another face that is creating buzz in the media is, PPBM’s Armada youth chief, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman.


Syed Saddiq is a huge factor to PH’s popularity. He has built his image since last year, slowly maximizing his exposure within the media. His presence is getting stronger each month, and it seems like he is not slowing down anytime soon especially now that he is active in championing the youth’s movement as well as bringing up the people of Muar.


PKR’s Nik Nazmi (NN), on the other hand, shows a decrease in presence as compared to 2017. In addition. Nik’s April-May shows a decrease trend while Saddiq shows a commendable increase. This could imply that Nik is not as active in his cause for the people of Setiawangsa as Saddiq is in Muar.


In terms of share of exposure, Saddiq has a positive movement when related with Pakatan Harapan. He holds a strong image as a youth chief of Bersatu. It is better compared to the other youth chiefs who has a declining trend for share of exposure.




However, when comparing Syed Saddiq with other youth prominents within the Pakatan Harapan coalition, he is on the losing ground with PKR’s Nurul Izzah. She seems to break the cage and found her place within the younger generation.


Saddiq seems to tail behind Nurul Izzah in delivering Pakatan Harapan cause to the people. However, it could also be that ‘unrelated’ news that had cause Izzah to be the centre of attention. The ‘Azrul’ controversy and Radiohead are some examples might that contribute to her high exposure in the media outlet.


While he remains the most popular amongst the youth chiefs in Pakatan, Nurul Izzah comes in as a close contender whereby she shows a strong personality and is as vocal and passionate as Saddiq in championing the youth’s issues.