Syukri Salleh sacked for tampering 1MDB audit report, will Najib finally come clean?

On the 25th of November 2018, Auditor-General, Dr Madinah Mohamad revealed that the 1MDB audit report had been tampered with.


It was confirmed that former Prime Minister, Najib Razak who is now in the midst of facing graft charges, had made orders for some parts of the report to be removed and altered.



Looking at the pie chart above, news on the altercation of the 1MDB report is one of the top issues of 1MDB that is dominating the news headline in the month of November 2018. ‘Mesyuarat Lembaga pengarah 1MDB’, A-G Confirms 1MDB Report Altered’, ‘1MDB Board of Directors and ‘Ketua Audit Negara’ are the key issues.


In her revelation, Madinah said that Najib had leveraged on his secretary-general at the time, Tan Sri Shukry Salleh as the ‘proxy’ behind his orders. A name quite unpopular in the media political sphere, and this is justified when Malaysia Indicator gathers information on the latter.



The news exposure above shows that Syukri does not really have a presence in the media. This year, his name only spiked in November with 99 news in line with Najib’s 1MDB audit report altercation issue. As a consequence, the next day saw Tan Sri being sacked as Bank Negara chairman with immediate effect.



In the case of 1MDB, it can be seen that one by one is being called out to face their distasteful fate. The fact is that the audit report has indeed been amended on Najib’s orders’ as the then Prime Minister.


Does he still want to beat around the bush saying he does not know about the 1MDB deal?