“Useless” Saifuddin said Zuraida’s readiness to be sacked from PKR is an “admission of guilt”

Earlier this month, PKR came under media attention after a group of PKR leaders believed to be aligned with Azmin Ali’s camp walked out midway during the recent party congress in Melaka.


This included Zuraida Kamaruddin who at a separate event, took aim at Anwar’s supporters describing some of them as “budak hingus” and calling PKR secretary general Saifuddin Nasution as “tidak berguna”. In her speech, Zuraida also firmly said that she and Azmin are ready to be fired from PKR if it means it would bring the party back to its “right track”.


“We are ready to be sacked”


Speaking at the event on December 8, Zuraida said;

Her controversial speech led her to become one of the main interests of the media, peaking with almost 100 news on the final day of the Congress. It is observed that she managed to maintain a considerably high exposure after the 8th before dropping below the 50-mark. From Day 10 onwards, Zuraida stayed under the radar.


Responding to Zuraida’s statement was Saifuddin Nasution whom the former had earlier called “useless”.  Saifuddin described Zuraida and Azmin’s readiness to be sacked from the party as an “admission of guilt”.


Saifuddin said it’s an “act of guilt”


He added, only those who knew they had violated party rules would publicly declare that they were ready to be fired.

Because of this, Zuraida appeared as one of the main trending keywords for Saifuddin Nasution a few days after the PKR Congress in Melaka ended.


Additionally, on December 12, groups made up of Anwar’s supporters including Otai Reformasi 98 and three other groups – Jingga 13, Pertubuhan Solidariti Madani Malaysia (MaSSA) and Anak Reformasi – had submitted a memorandum to Saifuddin Nasution, urging the party to strip Zuraida Kamaruddin and Azmin Ali from the party.