Where is Young Syefura today?

Syefura Othman or commonly known as Young Sefura is one of the youth candidates that came under the media spotlight prior to GE-14. Additionally, this is also her first-time to participate in a general election. She contested for Ketari state seat (Pahang) under Democratic Action Party (DAP). For the result, she is currently a state assemblywoman for Ketari.



According to the news exposure graph above, Syefura was widely covered by the media in April with 94 news. During that period, the media primarily attributed her as a youth candidate in Malaysia political scene along with Syed Saddiq and Hannah Yeoh.



Besides, she is one of the 10 Malay candidates announced by DAP to contest for GE-14. DAP is perceived as a predominantly Chinese party by certain people. Consequently, it contributed to her popularity in the media for the month of April.


Conversely, from the dependency figure above, Syefura’s presence quickly declined after the election while other PH youth prominent – PPBM Syed Sadiq, PKR Nurul Izzah, DAP Hannah Yeoh, PKR Nik Nazmi and DAP Ong Kian Ming – continue to have a visible exposure in the media.



In November, she only appeared in three news, one for each day, on the 10th, 16th and 21st.


Other youth leaders like Syed Saddiq, Hannah Yeoh and Ong Kian Ming have became cabinet members, while Nurul Izzah and Nik Nazmi were busy with PKR leadership election for the past few months. Meanwhile, it seems like Young Syefura is not engaging with the public discourse.