Will Anwar be the successor of Mahathir ?


Back in June, Mahathir said that his two-year timeframe as Malaysia Prime Minister is not a dateline that he needs to comply to. On September 16, four days after Anwar was set to contest in Port Dickson, Mahathir came out with the same statement again, two years is just a suggestion, it may be longer or shorter.



When Mahathir said that he will support Anwar for his Port Dickson by-election, it clears some tension in the air regarding the rumour that he is trying to block Anwar from becoming his successor. But if we listen closer to what Mahathir said, he said that he will support Anwar to be the MP of Port Dickson, not the PM of Malaysia.


Mahathir said that if Anwar win the by-election, then it would pave a way for Anwar to become the Prime Minister. He gave his support to Anwar to win the by-election to become a Member of Parliament, not to become the Prime Minister.



On October 22, Tun Mahathir said that the next Prime Minister will be up for the people to decide. If the people want Anwar, then he wouldn’t mind giving him the post. But, he said that his past two successors, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Razak were failure.