Women live longer than men

There is a saying that “women live longer than men”. But the phrase was not invented without any statistics to back it up. Across the globe, women have a longer lifespan compared to men.



According to data from the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), it was estimated that the average lifespan of Malaysian men in 2017 was 72.7 years. Meanwhile, Malaysian women had a longer estimated lifespan of 77.4 years, an additional 4.7 years compared to men.


In Malaysia, the general estimated average lifespan was 74.8 years in 2017. On the other hand, Sarawak men have a higher estimated average lifespan (75.1 years) compared to the national estimated average lifespan in general (74.8 years).


For other states, the estimated average lifespan for men was below 74.8 years. Plus, the states with their estimated average lifespan barely reaching the 70-year mark are both located in the east coast; that is Kelantan (69.2 years) and Terengganu (69.8 years).



In almost every state in Malaysia, women have a higher estimated average lifespan compared to the average Malaysian (74.8 years). The only state which fell short was Terengganu with an estimated average lifespan of 74.6 years.


Overall, there was an improvement in the average lifespan of both men and women. Therefore, it is a win for Malaysians regardless of gender.