Zahidi ‘fake degree’ came to light as discussions on Veveonah issue soothed down

On the second day after the Veveonah Mosibin issue arises, the number of people that talked or reacted was comparatively lower than the previous day.


Similarly, there are nine clusters that appeared on the second day of the issue.




Despite the lower rate of traction, attack towards deputy minister of Multimedia and Communications Zahidi Zainul Abidin was still going strong.



@wankhairulnizam was the main influencer on this day although the tweet was originally tweeted a day before; and his audiences were related to the other clusters.


Consequently, the incident has somewhat jeopardized Zahidi Zainul’s position on the political stage based on the development of the issue.


Meanwhile, the Muhyiddin-led government was also attacked for failing to address and tackle Sabah’s infrastructure issue.


However, if we look at the development of the “Veveonah” issue on Twitter that week, it can be observed that discussions/debates pertaining to the case has toned down during the weekends.



There were not many people who talked about the issue on the third and fourth day since it erupted.



Tweets on this time range were dominated by the older tweets from the first and second day.


At the same time, Zahidi’s ‘fake credentials’ allegation also came to light; further tainting the deputy minister’s image.