MUET will not be abolished

On the 23rd of February 2019, media reported that Minister of Education Maszlee Malik had rejected the proposal of abolishing the Malaysian University English Test (MUET). The examination is compulsory for students who seek to enter local tertiary education institutes.



Looking at the top issues of Maszlee Malik, the MUET topic is one of the main issues that is spoken of by the Education Minister in the past month.


When Maszlee announced that MUET will not be abolished, difference of opinions started to float in the public sphere. MUET became a trending topic on Twitter. In general view, many of the Twitter users’ support the Education Minister on not abolishing the exam.


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To them there was no apparent reason to abolish the test, considering Malaysian students have been learning English in school from Standard 1 (7 years) to Form 5 (17 years). Hence, students will have more than enough time to brush up on their English.


Some may argue that MUET will cause stress on the students, but the examination help students to prepare themselves to sit for lectures that are conducted in English. Plus, it also enables students to communicate with foreign students or lecturers since English is the global lingua franca.