A chance for UMNO through Najib?


Lately, the issue of 1MDB was mostly reported by alternative online portals which are inclined towards PH, such as Free Malaysia Today, Malaysia Chronicle and MalaysiaKini.


Subsequently, PH leaders could easily utilize these media to spread their messages regarding the 1MDB scandal and the ongoing trial of Najib.


The only mainstream medium in the top media, The Malay Mail, was also seen to be inclined towards the opposition side.


Mahathir was seen questioning Bersatu leaders who were willing to collaborate with UMNO in the PN government, with the “kleptocrats” narration.


Meanwhile, DAP’s Liew Chin Tong shared his theory that Najib would be the winner of the current political situation, claiming that the former premier could potentially make his return.


Hence, forming a similar narration that led to PH’s victory in GE-14.



Both Mahathir and Liew were the top influencers of PN, shaping the public perception towards the current government.


From UMNO’s side, Zahid and Najib were the one who spoke out about the idea of a snap election.


Nevertheless, UMNO ministers’ silence on the matter might led to a positive outcome for the party, as they are perceived to focus on the current Covid-19 pandemic rather than politicking.


For example, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri has been busy in addressing the MCO.



Apart from the ongoing trials, Zahid urged Muhyiddin to appoint more UMNO leaders into GLC positions, particularly those from Sabah.


This practice might further raise question towards the method of PN running the government.


One of PH’s narration while running the government is to stop the practice of political appointment.


Hence, this would become another bullet for the opposition to highlight on when campaigning against UMNO.



Additionally, UMNO would be able to utilise on the upcoming Chini by-election to showcase their acceptability.


It is almost a sure win for UMNO since the by-election would be held at Najib’s stronghold of Pekan. Chini is a district within Pekan constituency.


This give the opportunity for Najib to improve its appeal to his supporters, playing the perception of his increasing acceptability, further improving the morale of his supporters.