A total of 39,558 workers were laid off in 2016

Data above shows the numbers of employees who faced retrenchment in 2016. A total of 39,558 workers were laid off in 2016 with Kuala Lumpur having the highest number of retrenched workers – 12,271. This is followed by Pulau Pinang whereby a total of 11, 328 workers were laid over in that year.
According to the statistics above, Kelantan witness the least number of workers being laid off – 22. The highest retrenchment in 2016 occurred in the manufacturing sector (16,931) followed by wholesale and retail trade sector (7,941); finance and insurance (5,190) mining and quarrying (2,928) and technical, scientific and professional activities (1,384).
In December last year, Minister of Human Resource M. Kula Segaran noted that from January 1 to September 30 2018, 15,903 workers we laid off which is about half for the same period in 2017 which say 31, 945 employees were let go. Will Pakatan Harapan’s pledge of creating one million jobs be able to decrease this number even further?