Accommodation Affordability in Sabah


Price is among the important variables that travellers would consider before they begin their trip. Sabah has been labelled as the New Zealand of Malaysia due to its beauty in nature that managed to capture the heart of domestic and international travellers.



Based on a prominent accommodation booking website, it was found that the accommodation listed in Sabah is dominant with affordable pricing as majority of its accommodations are between RM100 to RM500.



Meanwhile, cheaper options below RM100 have a lesser number of listings indicating that the standard market price of listings is between RM100 to RM500.





When the analysis is broken down into affordable and luxury listings, it was discovered that expensive options in affordable category costing between RM500 to RM800 are mainly from apartment listings while budget options priced between RM50 to RM100 are mainly from hotels.



Although Kota Kinabalu dominates the apartment and hotel listings, Semporna has several listings of entire houses and homestays.





Similarly, the luxury price range of RM1,000 and above is dominated by entire apartments. Luxury hotel listings on the site are mainly priced between RM800 – RM1,000.



Hence, this shows that luxurious hotels are not prominent on travel booking sites despite the move towards online platforms.





The analytics below shows that Sabah has a high number of private accommodation listings, which explained the domination of entire apartment in both affordable and luxury category.



The domination of private accommodation also indicates that there is a high awareness of the opportunity in providing accommodation to travellers as entire apartment listings overpowered hotel and resort listings.