BN Receives Negative Sentiments

Barisan Nasional has gained the media attention after they decided that they will continue their support towards Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin.


This has led Barisan Nasional’s news exposure to soar on June 23 with other issues relating to the topic also arises.


However, the news title sentiments from the media are mainly negative due to the negative words presented in their headlines.


In a joint statement, UMNO MPs will not back any no-confidence vote if the Parliament reconvenes and that they should instead focus on the issues plaguing the people instead.



On the other hand, Mohamed Nazri Aziz also revealed that he has been the “mastermind” in collecting signatures for a statutory declaration (SD) from Barisan Nasional (BN) MPs in support of Foreign Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.


Looking at the issues relating to Barisan Nasional and Parliament topics, the media has certainly taken an interest towards the topic as it is among the issues reported by the media.



However, based on the trending keywords of the topic, the media is focusing on the issues relating to Padang Rengas MP’s statements rather than the vote of no confidence.